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op176 ama op176

Flux for Submerged Arc welding of General Struct


DIN EN 760: SA MS 1 88AC H5

Type and Characteristics:

Agglomerated Manganese-Silicate type flux for high-speed welding of butt and fillet welds. The high silicon and manganese transfer from the flux to weld metal alloys to use the AMA-OP176 flux with low or medium manganese wire electrodes like 50-11, 50-12, 50-14.
Owing to its good weld ability AMA-OP176 can be used in welding from both sides in one pass, e.g. in longitudinal welding of large diameter pipes and in thin walled spiral pipes. AMA OP 176 can be used on either DC (positive) or AC current.

Damp flux shall be redried by baking at 300°C – 350°C
Grain size in according to DIN 32 522:3-20

Main Constituents:

SiO2+TiO2 CaO+MgO Al2O3+Mno CaF2
40% 25% 20% 10%

Basicity as to boniszewskii: ~0.8

All -Weld metal analysis (typical values):

With Wire Electrode Weight %
AMA Trade Name DIN/EN C Si Mn Mo
50-11 S1 0.03 0.6 1.2 -
50-12 S2 0.06 0.7 1.5 -

Mechanical properties of all-weld metal (typical values):

With Wire Electrode Heat Treatment Tensile Strength
(N/mm )
Yield Strength
(N/mm )
Lo=5d %
Impact energy (Joule)
20°C       0°C       -20°C       -30°C+
50-12 As Welded 530 > 410 28 125          100          58          48