Flux for Submerged Arc welding of General Struct


Standards: EN 760: S A CS 3 97 AC
DIN 32 522 B CS 3 97 CCrMo AC8

Type/ Characteristics:

Agglomerated alloy-bearing type flux for hard surfacing purposes, to be used in combination with 50-11 wire electrode. The alloying effect of the flux depends to a large degree on the welding parameters chosen.
Optimum parameters for a 4 mm dia. Wire electrode are 600A/32V/50cm/min.
AMA OP 250 A is suitable to be used on either DC or AC.

All -Weld metal analysis (typical values):

With Wire Electrode Weight %
AMA Trade Name DIN/EN C Si Mn Cr Mo
50-11 S1 0.15 0.5 1.5 1.5 0.2

Mechanical properties of all-weld metal (typical values):

With Wire Electrode Hardness HB 30*
50-11 S1 250 - 350

*as to DIN 8555, sheet2, fig.2
Application: Hard surfacing of machine parts, driving gears, rails, support, rolls of caterpillars, etc.