Saw Backing Flux


Standards: DIN/EN 760 : ~ ACS 1

Type/ Characteristics:

AmMA OP 10 U is an agglomerated flux for use as the backing medium in the single-sided submerged arc welding process.
For single-sided welding the backing flux is spread as thin layer of a few millimeters in thickness in a copper backing bar which is pressed against the underside of the weld joint. After welding the slag detaches easily and the root of the weld exhibits a uniform profile. AMA-OP10U is suitable for use with single, tandem and multi-wire submerged arc welding processes. The optimized fine grain size in combination with the flux chemistry of AMA OP 10 U ensures that the weld profile is straight, with clean weld toes and a smooth cosmetically acceptable surface.
Damp flux shall be redried by baking at 300°C-350°C

Main Constituents:

SiO2 + TiO2 CaO + MgO Al2O3 + MnO CaF2
32% 53% 5% 7%


Polyethylene plastic sacks of 25 kg weight.