DIN 8555: MSG 6-55


Medium-alloy tubular cored electrode of basic type designed for tough and wear resistant hard facing deposits on parts subjected to heavy wear. Weld metal is though and free from cracks and therefore resistant to shock and impact. Machining is only feasibly by grinding. A buffer layer with AMA FC31 is only required in case of difficult-to-weld base metal.

All weld metal analysis (typical value) %:

C Si Mn Cr Mo
0.35 0.5 1.5 5.2 0.6

Mechanical properties of all-weld metal (typical values):

Hardness as – welded : 52 – 57 RC
Values apply to the use of CO2 shielding gas

Shielding: CO2 and mixed gas M21 (5-25% CO2, Balance Ar) acc to EN 439


≤1.6mm 12-15 L/min
≥2.0mm 15-20 L/min

Main application:

Excavator parts, scraper blades, dipper teeth, worm conveyors, beaters crusher jaws, crusher cones, etc.
Delivery: coil in diameter: 1.4 ,1.6 , 2 , 2.4 mm & weight 15 kg
Note : other weight & sizes are produced upon customers request