ERNiCr – 3
9011t ama 9011t

Nickel base alloy wire welds

AMA 90-11T

AWS/ASME SFA-5.14: ERNiCr - 3


GTAW rod for welding of nickel-base alloys, high-temperature and creep resisting steels, heat resisting and cryogenic materials, low-alloyed problem steels and dissimilar joints. Ferritic austenitic joints is for service temperatures above +300°C or for applications where a post weld heat treatment is required . Suitable for pressure vessel fabrication for the service temperature range -196°C to +550°C, otherwise resistant to scaling up to +1200°C. Not susceptible to embrittlement. Resistant to thermal shocks, corrosion resistant, fully austenitic. Low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Weld metal analysis in % (typical value):

C Mn Ni Cr Nb + Ta
<0.05 3 rest 20.5 3.5

Shielding gas: DIN EN 439-I1 (100% Argon)
DIN EN 439-I3 (Ar + He)

Mechanical properties of all-weld metal:

(Single values are typical values)

Tensile Strength
( N/mm )
Yield Strength
( N/mm )
A5 (%)
Impact energy (J)
20°C       -196°C+
Heat Treatment
>650 >400 >35 150          90 As Welded


DIN Standard 2.4816 Ni Cr 15 Fe; 2.4817 LC-NiCr 15 Fe; X8Ni9
Other Standard Alloy 600, Alloy 600 L

Delivery: welding rods
weight: 5kg
Diameter : 1.6 – 3.2 mm
Lenght : 1000mm
Note : other weight & sizes are produced upon customers request.