ER 80S-Ni2
8018t ama 8018t

Low alloy TIG Welding Wire

AMA 80-18T

AWS/ASME SFA-5.28: ER 80S-Ni2
DIN EN 1668: W2 Ni2


Welding rod for high quality welds in the construction of storage tanks and piping systems for cryogenic applications. The weld deposit is noted for its particularly good low temperature properties.

Analysis of wire electrode% (typical value):

C Si Mn Ni S P
0.08 0.5 1.2 2.3 <0.02 <0.02

Shielding gas: DIN EN 439-I1 (100% Ar)

Mechanical properties of all-weld metal:

Tensile Strength
( N/mm )
Yield Strength
( N/mm )
A5 (%)
Impact energy (J)
Heat Treatment
570 - 700 >480 >22 >47 T

T = Heat treatment 1 hour at 620°C, furnace cooling to 300°C


DIN Standard TStE 355 to TStE 460; EStE 355 to EStE 460; StE 255 to StE 460; WStE 355 to WStE 460
EN Standard 12Ni14; 14Ni6; 10Ni14; 13MnNi 6 3; P355NL1 to P460NL1; P355NL2 to P460NL2; S255N to S460N; S355NH to S460NH; S255NL to S460NL; S255NL1 to S380NL1
ASTM Standard A633 Gr. E; A572 Gr. 65; A203 Gr. D; A333 and A334 Gr. 3; A350 Gr. LF3

Copper coating , welding rods
weight: 5 kg .
diameter : 1 – 4 mm .
Lenght: 1000mm
Note: other weight & sizes are produced upon customers request