ER 70S-A1 (ER 80S -G)
8014m ama 8014m

Low alloy Mig / Meg welding wire

AMA 8014M

AWS/ASME SFA-5.28 : ER 70S-A1 (ER 80S-G)
DIN 8575: SGMo


This wire suitable for welding of boilers, pipes and steels having 0.5 percent Mo subjected to operating temperature up to 550°C.

Analysis of wire electrode% (typical value):

C Si Mn P S Mo
0.1 0.6 1.1 0.016 0.01 0.5

Shielding gas: DIN EN 439-M2 1 (15-25% CO2, Balance Ar)

Mechanical properties of all-weld metal:

Tensile Strength
( N/mm )
Yield Strength
( N/mm )
A5 (%)
Impact energy (J)
520 - 620 >430 >22 >80


DIN Standard St 37-3 to St 52-3; St 37-2 to St 60-2; St 35.8 to St 45.8; StE 320.7 to StE 415.7; StE 255 to StE 500; 17Mn4; 19Mn5; 15Mo3; TStE 255 to TStE 500
EN Standard S355J2G3; E295; E335; P255G1TH; L320 to L415NB; L320MB to L415MBM; S255N to S500N; P295GH; P310GH; 16Mo3; 15NiCuMoNb5; 20MnMoNi4-5; 17MnMoV6-4; S255NH to S500NH; S255NL to S500NL
ASTM Standard A204 Gr. A, B, C; A 217 Gr. WC1; A213 Gr. T2; A355 Gr. P1; A182M Gr. F1; A204M Gr. A, B, C; A250 Gr. T1

Delivery: Only Copper coating , wound wire – reel on:
weight: 15 kg
diameter : 1-2 mm
Note : other weight & sizes are produced upon customers request