Hard coating electrode

AMA 1639V

DIN 8555 : E6–UM–55-GP


Rutile-covered electrode is suitable for depositing hardfacing overlays on components subject by metal to metal. The weld metal is resistant to impact and high compressive stresses. It is weldable by AC (OCV 70V) and DC+ in the flat and vertical up position.

Weld metal analysis in % (typical values):

C Mn Si Cr
0.50 0.60 1.90 9.50

Mechanical Properties of all-weld metal:

(single values are typical values)

Hardness as-welding
54 HRC

Welding Parameters
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Amperage (A)
2.5 350 65 – 95
3.25 450 90 – 140
4.0 450 125– 190


Crusher hammers, gear wheels, bucket wheels, bucket teeth and lips, mixers, dredge part, moulds repairing.


required at 300°C 2 hours.