Hard coating electrode

AMA 1622V

DIN 8555 : E1–UM–400


Thick basic-covered electrode for depositing highly wear resistant overlays. The weld metal can only be machined using sintered hard metal tipped tools. It is particularly resistant to impact and shock.
A tough buffer layer (with 1803J electrodes) is only required with crack sensitive steels. It is possible to deposit even a large number of layers without the need of intermediate buffer layers. 1622V can be easily welded in all positions expect vertical-down.

Weld metal analysis in % (typical values):

C Mn Si Cr
0.20 0.40 0.50 2.8

Mechanical Properties of all-weld metal:

(single values are typical values)

Hardness as-welding
37 - 42 HRC

Welding Parameters
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Amperage (A)
3.25 450 105 – 135
4.0 450 120 – 180
5.0 450 170 – 240


Rebuilding of rails, rails crossing and switch pointer, wear parts such as dredger parts, polygon edges, bearing surface, striking tools, dies, tires, wheel flanges, slide surface subjected to heavy wear, reconditioning of lower dies and punishes, etc.


required at 300°C to 350°C for 2 hours.