F7A2-EA2 F7A2-EM12 F7P2-EA2 F7A2-EM12K F8A4-EH12K
ap3803 ama ap3803

Flux for Submerged Arc welding of General Struct

AMA AP3803

EN 760: SA AB 1 67 AC H5
DIN 32 522: B AB 1 67 AC 12MHP5
AWS/ASME: F7A2-EA2    F7A2-EM12    F7P2-EA2    F7A2-EM12K    F8A4-EH12K

Application / Properties:
Agglomerated aluminate-basic type flux for welding of mild and medium steels and for pipe steels up to X70 Grade; AMA-AP380-3 produces a slight silicon and manganese pick-up. Owing to its metallurgical behavior, it can be used with S2Mo and S3Mo wire electrodes. It is suitable for longitudinal and spiral welding system. The flux has a high current carrying capacity and as such is suitable for fillet and butt welding applications especially for weld in heavy section steels work. The weld bead is of uniform profile with smooth weld bead profile and good blending at the weld toes even at high welding speeds.
The slag detachment is good and in most cases is self-lifting.
AMA AP380-3 can be used on either DC+ or AC up to 1200A on a single wire.
Damp flux shall be re-dried by baking at 300°C-350°C
Grain size in according with DIN 32 522:2-18.

Main Constituents:

SiO2+TiO2 CaO+MgO Al2O3+Mno CaF2
25% 25% 35% 13%

Basicity as to boniszewski: ~1.3

All weld metal analysis (typical values):

Welding Wire Weight %
AMA Trade Name DIN/EN C Si Mn Mo
50-14 S2mo 0.06 0.25 1.3 0.5

Mechanical properties of all-weld metal (typical values):

Welding Wire Heat Treatment Tensile Strength
( N/mm )
Yield Strength
( N/mm )
Impact Value (Joule)
20°C       -30°C-
50-14 As Welded 580 490 23 70       50

Mechanical properties of welded joint (typical values):

X70 Plates–Weld from both sides in one pass

With Wire electrode Tensile Strength
( N/mm )
Yield Strength
( N/mm )
Impact Value (J)
50-14 Four wire >620 >520 - 100