Hard coating electrode

AMA 1760V

DIN 8555 : E 7–UM–200KP


Basic-covered austenitic manganese steels electrode for wear resistant hard facing application. Since the weld metal will adopt high hardness by cold working, it is particularly suited to be used on components subjected to wear by heavy impact and shock. The work piece is sown if necessary. In the case of large work pieces must not become too hot and during welding and should be allowed to cool manganese steel, Such as jaw plate for crushers, it is advisable to weld them in a water bath. High current densities and wide weave beads must be avoided. When building up various layers, it is good practice to deposit an intermediate buffer layer with AMA 1803J weld metal.
In joint welding of austenitic manganese steel, it is preferable to use AMA 1803J electrode.

Weld metal analysis in % (typical values):

C Mn Si
1.20 13.0 0.70

Mechanical Properties of all-weld metal:

(single values are typical values)

Hardness as-welding: approx Hardness after work hardening: approx
~ 200 HB ~ 400 - 500 HB

Welding Parameters
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Amperage (A)
3.25 450 110 – 135
4.0 450 140 – 175
5.0 450 180 – 230


Hardfacing an repair welding of wear resisting parts made of austenitic manganese steels, Such as: jaws plates for crushers, crusher cones, pulverizing hammers, beating arm, etc.


required at 300°C to 350°C for 2 hours.